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To capture the Australian mystical coastline from Wujal Wujal to Cape York, ancient Indigenous cultures and surpassed historic events of Far North Queensland, travelling the voyage upon a 5 metre Hydracraft Catamaran landing on destinations mostly inaccessible by land.



The Journey

Depart Wujal Wujal on the 3rd of September 2018 with the honor of a Traditional Indigenous Ceremony.

Once underway the expedition will travel in 3 to 4 day legs over a duration period of 6 weeks navigating the inner Great Barrier Reef and Far North Queensland coast.

With the support of the 'Kapani Warrior' we will have privileged access to coastline inaccessible in normal circumstances.

Throughout the duration of the Expedition we will delve back in time and reveal the secrets of the Aboriginal Tribes success in adapting to this harsh landscape foraging for food using traditional Indigenous hunting and gathering methods.


The Expedition will capture the emotions and experiences of the first British descendants to set foot upon this foreign land over 200 years ago, with no knowledge of the Indigenous peoples or wildlife that inhabit this ever changing landscape. 


Support & Equipment

The Expedition undertaken will be supported by 2 land based units, Dr Tim White and Team from the Kapani Warrior program a fully self sufficient entity that operates outside of Defence command training Indigenous persons to ready themselves for a career in the military, running communications and observation posts along the remote coast.

The 2nd ground crew team running support and supplies are Brian Mooney, Paul Watters, Russell Cousins, Mark Foley & Tom Hill.

In conjunction with the 2 land based crews we are seeking expressions of interest for a yacht to run Ocean support.




To touch on the respect and beliefs our forgotten Indigenous cultures had towards preserving the land and sea for the survival of future generations.

Bringing to life once again the characters, story’s, myths and legends of a bygone era  looking through the eyes of an ordinary man experiencing the obstacles, hardship and thrills that encountered the first explorers laying footprints upon the perilous coast.

Throughout the journey we will be raising awareness for Defence Shed a not for profit organization who support Veterans, Police, Fire Fighters, Ambulance Officers, Emergency Personnel and First Responders in time of need.

As a community we take these brave personnel for granted and expect them to assist no matter the circumstance.

​Well at times the bravest and toughest men & women who dedicate their working careers to protecting you and I need support when down and out, so let’s show some appreciation and support those who protect us.



Filming and Production


Crested Cockatoo Productions is an Australian owned independent recently formed company fully self funded dedicated to producing an Historical, Exploration, Adventure series.

Our appreciation is extended out to the many people and organisations behind the scenes contributing towards the success of this expedition.

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